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Back at it (whole30) as of 2 march

SSSSSSOOOO we (Ulf and I) decided that we are doing the whole30 again from 2 march to 31 march. 

I realize that I like eating whole30 and enjoyed posting to the blog. I hope to post all our meals here. If you have questions or want the recipe for any of our meals let me know and I will try and post it (most of the time we dont really measure anything).  

We are going to try and do a few things different this time. NO potatoes, no “lara”bars, no little cheats or substitions. 

We are also going to try and have no nut butters and not as much fruit. 

I am going to label everything as day #.2. because this is the second go around hince the .2 (ie version 2)

so if your reading/following thanks and hope that you enjoy reading this and if your doing a whole30, good luck!!!